Jim Beriault, Owner and Marketing Strategist

I’m lucky, I get to say that I grew up in the business. My mother, Carol O'Neil, was one of the top PR pros in the Northwest and highly respected – even to this day. She retired from marketing and PR in 2003 after spending decades promoting companies all over the NW and beyond. We ran OBPR (O'Neil/Beriault Public Relations) together for almost 13 years, and it was indeed the best of times – through thick and thin we managed to knock out some fantastic work for some of the top companies in the world. 

Needless to say, I learned everything I know from my mother, she was absolutely masterful at PR, and she could land stories better than anyone before or since. 

I joined her agency in 1990 (called Carol O'Neil Public Relations at the time) right out of college. I remember how she put me through the paces, teaching how to land stories and be a proficient PR guy. To be honest, I sucked at it, it took time for me to learn the ropes and get my feet under me. Together we grew the company, added employees, rented high rise office space, and traveled all over the country doing great work.

In 2001, I purchased the agency from my mom, and renamed the company in 2005 to Beriault Marketing, at that time, I added media buying and production services. The firm was a full-service agency that created marketing plans, strategies, marketing materials, collateral materials, handled content for social media, performed public relations and publicity services, and implemented marketing plans for entertainment and retail clients. 

Recently I decided to add digital marketing to the long list of services, and also make a change – naming the company RocketGlow Marketing.  I’m a sci-fi geek, and it was time to reflect my passion for all things science! Many of my clients have been with me for more than 12 years – some as long as 28 years. The services have always been cutting edge, advanced, and creative. And I think we understand the science of show business and the art of retailing and have decades of experience marketing in Portland, Seattle, Denver, Dallas, Chicago, and other major cities. In many ways, this company retains its family value for good work, creative solutions, and aggressive marketing – just like mom used to do.

Fantastic vendors and talent


Over the years I've  been blessed to work with some amazing people. All of our vendors, service providers, experts are the best in their field.

Timbers Fans!


Yes, my entire family loves the Timbers! What does that have to do with my company, nothing, but its a great conversation starter!